Obstacle Course Training

What does your “fitness with a purpose” look like? For me, it currently involves the out doors and obstacles. Whether the obstacles are natural or man-made doesn’t matter, just that they exist.

My obstacle course of choice today involves tromping through the country side of Northstar at Tahoe for their Tough Mudder Tahoe event. Where else can you go and experience the thrills of climbing in/out of pools of water and mud…. jumping off of walls of logs onto air bags…. swinging to/from rings/ropes to safety …. trail running ….. helping others …. challenging your fitness and stamina …. all at the same time?

The physical demand on the body during an obstacle course is all encompassing. Your preparedness depends upon completing sufficient strength, power, and endurance training. It is not enough to simply be able to complete a 10 to 20 K hike/run. Your body will be required to recover as it continues to work (part of the challenge that appeals to me). For this to be possible on the day of the event, it is best to invest at least 12 weeks of focused training (assuming moderate entry level fitness).

At Well Being, we offer several obstacle course training programs throughout the year generally starting near the beginning of each of the spring, summer, fall and winter seasons.

For additional information regarding these programs, go to http://www.carsoncityfitness.com/obstacle-course-training.php