Functional Fitness

Functional Fitness At Well Being - Massage Therapy & Functional Fitness, we specialize in providing functional fitness training and exercises for clients across Carson City and nearby areas. With such exercises, we are able to help people achieve fit bodies that make them less prone to injuries and more efficient in performing daily chores. We have an ever-growing client base that includes people from all walks of life – young professionals, seniors, teens, and practically, anyone who wants to stay healthy and agile. The workouts we employ are guaranteed safe and effective, and they mimic the movements that typical people do on a daily basis. With positive reviews from our past and long-time clients, we’re 100% sure that we’re doing things right.

So please call us now at 775-546-3414, and let us talk about your desired functional fitness workout.

Functional Fitness

Certified Trainers, Proven Methods

One thing that we’re truly proud of is that we hire only experienced and certified trainers and fitness instructors who know what should be done to give our Carson City area clients their desired results. Our functional fitness trainers use proven techniques and programs such as the FMS (Functional Movement Screen) system that ensure accurate tracking of the clients’ progress and aids in identifying which specific movements and exercises will render the best results.

Functional Fitness The FMS system serves to highlight specific inefficiencies in our fundamental movements. Unobserved or unguided, we tend to create poor movement patterns, train around our weaknesses and/or not correct/develop our weaknesses….in our attempt to become stronger or more physically fit. Through incorporation of the FMS and its corrective exercise system, we help you identify the weak link(s) and guide you through a program to alleviate them. The result is your movement efficiency is improved and you can proceed to train or condition your body to be stronger and fitter.