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Well Being is a leading health and fitness center in Carson City. Our range of services includes personalized training and fitness programs, specialty camps, massage therapy, and nutrition coaching. These services are customized based on the peculiar needs of our clients. Whether you are trying to achieve a perfectly fit body or honing your physical stamina and endurance for sports competition, we have the right solutions and programs that will suit your needs. You'll get expert guidance from the best people in the fitness industry since we only employ certified trainers and instructors.

Our center has complete gym equipment and special training facilities, making us one of the best fitness centers in the city. Well Being is also the perfect place for people who want to rejuvenate their worn out body. Our licensed therapists are knowledgeable of various massage techniques, so you will surely enjoy the therapeutic benefits of our massage therapy. If you always fail in your weight loss journey, our nutrition coaching program is your best option. You can get all these professional services at client-friendly rates.

Now is the perfect time to start living a fit and healthy life. Enroll in any of our wellness and fitness training programs below:

Personal Training

Well Being offers personalized training programs for all types of clients. Our trainers and instructors have appropriate licenses and certifications so they know how to create fitness regimens that will suit the specific needs of our guests. For example, we perform a thorough evaluation of your body to help us determine the specific training method that will effectively work for you. Aside from traditional gym equipment, we also have state-of-the-art facilities for our special training programs. We have suspension and balance training systems, water rowers, trigger point rollers, and other equipment suited for functional training. We are one of the few fitness centers in the state that rely on Functional Movement Screen (FMS) system. This tool will correct and alleviate movement issues that may affect our client's ability to perform stringent exercise regimen. We also use specialized software programs when conducting full body assessment and evaluation. Read More About Personal Training >>

Group Fitness

At Well Being, we want our fitness programs to be fun and enjoyable so we offer another special program that will be perfect for couples and groups. Invite your friends, colleagues, and loved ones to experience the unique gym setup and training regimen that we have prepared for you. You can enroll in any of these personalized fitness classes: tidal wave, on-a-roll, HIT mania, META-Trix, body recharge, ageless training, and boot camp express. Read More About Group Fitness >>

Specialty Camps

Well Being also offers special training programs for clients with specific needs. Among the popular programs that we offer are metabolic rig training, obstacle course training, winter sports conditioning program, and prenatal fitness classes. We also offer senior/boomer and summer boot camps. At Well Being, we will provide you with all the things you need to get your desired results. We have complete facilities, certified trainers, and well-trained facilitators. Read More About Specialty Camps >>

Massage Therapy

Our massage therapy service is popular among residents of Carson City. The different massage techniques that we use can relieve stress, ease body pain, and offer other therapeutic benefits. We have a designated area for our massage sessions to ensure your privacy. Our head therapist, Alina, is not only a licensed massage therapist but also an exercise science graduate. Her deep understanding of these two disciplines is our guarantee that you’ll be in good hands when you avail any of our massage therapy sessions. In addition, she has in-depth knowledge of various massage techniques and modalities such as deep tissue, Swedish massage, sports massage, acupressure, Ortho-bionomy, and positional releases. Read More About Massage Therapy >>

Nutrition Coaching

If various weight loss programs did not work for you, please get in touch with us. Our nutrition coaching program could be the right solution to your problem. It is not a quick fix or a one-size-fits-all program but rather an individualized program that takes into account your body type, size and lifestyle. You will be guided by a certified nutrition coach and personal trainer to achieve your weight loss goals. Read More About Nutrition Coaching >>

Call us today at (530) 414-0788 or (775) 546-3414 to inquire about our schedules and rates for the different fitness training programs that we offer.
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