Best of Carson City Awards


"Best massage I've had in years!! Alina got knots out of my shoulder that other massage therapists haven't, and I came out so relaxed and happy. I'll definitely be returning, would definitely recommend."

Laurren Quiñones, 2020

"No better day then today being Thanksgiving to write this review on this gym and the awesome people that own it. I have had many injuries due to bone infections and I have worked with Alina Paula one on one to help me to get strong and healthy again. Alina has worked with me to correct my knee problems along with some deep tissue massages on me to help my body to heal faster and better. Whether you work one on one with Alina or Brad or in a group setting, they watch and work very closely with you to help you master the right moves and to prevent injuries. I love this gym and the workouts they have to offer. Clean, professional, and caring people the owners Brad and Alina Paula are. I have been to a lot of different gyms and this is the one I am going to stay with. If you are lucky, you may even get to meet their daughter who is beautiful, sweet, smart, and funny."

Richard Palmer, 2019

"LOVE tidal wave classes, TRX, and Flex Friday's with Brad. After years of dieting with slow uninspiring results I've lost 5 pounds in one month working with Alina's nutritional advice! Who knew vegetables for breakfast would be the answer?! Alina!!! Thanks to both of you for getting me healthy!!!"

Patti Nakamoto, June 2018

"Always a kick-butt workout!"

Aubrie Ricketts, May 2018

"It took me 2 months to finally join the 5:30 am class with Brad. It's a bit of a love hate relationship - so happy I signed up!! Great workout, info & motivation!"

Brenda Dahlquist, August 2017

"Alina helped relieved the tight muscles that triggered my temporomandibular joint disorder pain recently (TMJ/TMD). She has a wonderful, soft flowing touch that can also be firm and effective in getting tense muscles to release. I appreciated her professional, calming demeanor and highly recommend her massage services."

Carmen Gage Ackert, August 2017

"Alina Paula is amazing! I love her! I'm so lucky to have her as a personal trainer! She has helped me achieve so much within a few short weeks! I am happier, healthier, and stronger."

Valerie Renee, October 2015.

After my rotator cuff surgery, I was not satisfied with the progress of my rehabilitation, or with my overall physical fitness. I asked Brad to tailor a training regimen for me that increased the range of motion and overall strength of my shoulder, while also improving my overall physical stamina and conditioning. His focused plan for me resulted in significant rehabilitation of my shoulder, as well as clear improvement in all the other measurable aspects of my physical health. Brad convinced me that I could take my conditioning to the next level, and gave me all the tools necessary to do so. He also counseled me on the dietary changes necessary to enhance the training regimen. What you get with Brad Paula is not a “cookie cutter” training program, but rather a conditioning plan that takes into consideration the client’s concerns, limitations, and goals. I’m a big fan, and happy to recommend Well Being and Brad Paula to any prospective client.

Mike Hartman, retiree and former small business owner.

Brad, I am loving that foam roller. When I get up in the morning all stiff and lower back tender, Before I do anything I roll my back and then do my IT bands... Its amazing how well I can then continue with stretching my legs and doing the rest of the PT. Amazing. Wish I had known about this 20 years ago...

I am seeing some definate improvement now. Not fully going yet, but the PT doc says I can now do some light hiking and start working up to more. I will keep doing all of the exercises--- they are helping. I am pretty happy about the progress... hope it keeps going and I can maybe even do a little running again. I miss that.


"I have had a hard life. I did not take care of my body. I have worked heavy industrial jobs. All my injuries were compounded in 2010 when I was rear ended and suffered a broken neck.. My son had recommended Well Being to me. There I met Brad Paula. We have worked on my scoliosis, core and my neck strength. There has been a caring discovery of my weaknesses and a steady exercise that attends my injuries. The pain I have has steadily abated. My sleep has been an issue since that neck injury, it is improving and I am less restless in bed and have more energy. To complement the personnel training I receive from Brad Paula, I attend his group class "Tidal Wave". Wow!!, I have never imagined that my strength would return without more injury. I have never called myself done, I just couldn't see all of my options. My hat is off to Brad and Alina"

- Ralph A., March 2015

"This place is awesome. The classes are fantastic, and Brad is an excellent personal trainer. Also, Alina's massages are amazing. The great thing is that Brad and Alina work together for a full scope approach to meeting your fitness goals. I've been working out at local gyms for years but hitting a button on a treadmill is pointless without some concrete goals and a specific plan to get there. Well Being is the way to go!"

- Andrea Card, January 2015

"This location has a gym area and a massage area.

To start with the gym:
There are numerous very kind and easy to work with personal trainers. They tailor their workouts for the individuals either in a class or solo. The personal training is really great. It teaches you how to properly stretch and the proper way to lift weights. The classes are throughout the day and target different age groups and interests. They are designed for any level of difficulty. They give the group the assigned exercise. Then the instructor demonstrates the beginner level to the group. This is really great for those who want to ease into the sessions. The Boomer Bootcamp has done wonders for my mother and her friends. She has demonstrated increased strength, endurance and has lost weight over the last five months. She truly is eager to attend her classes and is more energized through out the day. The tidal wave class is very fun and at a faster pace than the boomer boot camp. It is based on rowing and intermixing other exercises. This class is very popular. Get here early!

Wow! I can only say simply "the best massage I have ever received!"
And I have experienced many massages and none of them have come close to this experience. She spent every minute diligently working and it was so relaxing. Following the end of the massage she advised me on stretches and other things to help prevent future pain where most of the knots were found. She was quiet and efficient. Truly excellent."

- Caitlin G., December 2014

"If I ever move from Carson City, I would like to take this gym with me !"

- Thorleif Davis, September 2014

"I have been training with Brad Paula for the past 4 months. My life has literally changed because of him. I have lost 25 pounds. But, my weight loss isn't the most important part of my journey. I am stronger and healthier than I have ever been, and these benefits are an influence to my husband and two kids. I finished a half marathon recently that was mostly hills. If I had know how hard it was, I would have never done it. But, I finished second in my age group! I'm capable than so much more than I thought I was! I really contribute this to Brad and the workouts we have done."

- Marissa Girron, July 2014

"Excellent personal training!! I highly recommend!"

- Andrea Caldwell Card, June 2014

"I have been working out with Brad for over a year and I feel great. I was a size 24 when I started and found myself avoiding any physical activity because of my size. I have lost over 60 lbs. Brad is different than most trainers; you will work hard but still be able to move the next day. I may never enjoy working out but with Brad’s help I am reaching my goals. I highly recommend him, especially if you are not “athletic” and have a long way to go".

- Laurie Jackson, October 2013

"My recent efforts at improving my health and mobility would not have been possible without the massage regimen provided each week by Alina Paula. She demonstrated an amazing talent for addressing my physical issues and tailoring the massage accordingly. I also appreciated her calm professionalism and attention. I could not give her a more enthusiastic recommendation, as I already have to my family and associates."

- Mike Hartman, Retired Small Business Owner, August 2013

"Hi, my name is Rory Petersen, and I started seeing Brad Paula on the first of July in 2013. I am a college baseball player who has been struggling with back injury that it can't seem to get healthy. Then I went to Brad where he gave me a functional movement test where he found out I was weak not only in my core but also in my lower back region. After seeing him for two weeks the pain that I was suffering from started going away. He researched things on the internet finding similar stories from that I was going through with my back. He found many exercises to help strengthen the muscles all around my core and back so that I could become healthy again. The exercises that he showed me were some of the hardest core workouts I've ever had. I can recall one session where we didn't lift a weight and I could barely walk down the stairs out of his gym, because they were already sore. He also showed how to warm-up, and cool-down properly, ans showed me many stretches that I have never known to keep the muscles in my back loose. Now that I am finished with the short training sessions we have done, I'm leaving with a sense of knowledge on what is wrong with my back and how to keep it from being re-injured Brad is an amazing trainer and really knows what he is talking about with everything that he has taught me. He also will do so many extra things to make sure you will either stay in shape or get into shape because he really takes pride in his work. He's an awesome guy to be around, and I know when I get back to Carson City next summer I'm going to go to him at least once a month to make sure I'm staying in the shape I need to keep playing baseball. "

- Rory Petersen, 7/29/2013

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