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Metabolic RIG Training

Our monthly Metabolic Training: STRENGHTEN AND CHANGE

STARTS June 5th.

This program focuses on developing strength and power. Participants will lose inches and reduce their body fat composition through the toning and fat loss effect that metabolic training provides.

It is a Small Group Personal Training of nutritional and fitness guidance that


The information you receive and the exercise programming that you experience are scientifically proven to work. Better yet, you will discover through your journey that


to adopt the principles and practices of this program into your every-day life because they are sustainable and habit forming.

The fitness training component embraces the power of metabolic training to maximize fat loss and promote the gain of lean muscle. You will experience the intrinsic benefits of metabolic training, including an elevated calorie burning effect during and after the workout, increased production of hormones known to assist with the breakdown of fats for energy, and improved cardiovascular capacities such as increased stroke volume (circulation of blood) and reduced resting heart rate. Compound exercises, those that integrate movement and load across multiple joints, and exercises emphasizing structural stability of the body (spine and core activation) will be performed using our very adaptable and versatile ROGUE RIG Training Apparatus.

New Year-New You Challenge The nutrition component is backed by the team of licensed nutritionists affiliated with Precision Nutrition (Nationally & Internationally recognized). You will receive guidance that will maximize the body’s ability to burn fat effectively and produce sufficient energy to perform the physically demanding exercises of this program. To help ensure your success, we have integrated two intermediate nutritional consults where/when adjustments to your program can be made. Each participant will also be required to submit a weekly accountability check list that helps maintain the necessary level of attention to both the physical and nutritional demands of this program. Moreover, this part of the process builds the habit building traits that each participant can carry over into their daily routines.

We do not promote a quick fix, nor a temporary solution. We don't work for "Before/After“ pictures. We promote HABIT CHANGE, Mindset shift, NUTRITIONAL BALANCE....because WE BELIEVE they are the ingredients for LONG TERM sustainable TRANSFORMATION!

The program includes:
  • Trained by a Certified Personal Trainer in a small group – max 6 participants
  • Fun and motivational work-outs
  • Nutrition Guidance
  • Private email group for Continuous Support and Accountability
  • $10 off for one hour Therapeutic Massage session (during the program)


Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 5.30 a.m.
Tuesday, Thursday: 5.30 pm and Saturday: 7 a.m.


FREE ASSESSMENT: 775-546-3414

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