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Obstacle Course Training

Our next 6 – week Obstacle Course and Winter sports Training Camp  will kick off on Tuesday, January 21st, 2020.

Schedule for the specialized training sessions:
Tuesday, Thursday at 5.30 pm and Saturday at 9 am

This is one of our premier group training programs. The camp addresses pillar strength (shoulder/torso/hips), muscle endurance, body composition, and lifestyle as it applies to obstacle course events and Winter sport and activities. Lastly, we apply your newly gained strength and stability to explosive movements and plyometric exercises.

Our training facility is equipped with all the necessary components (free weights, peg boards, drag sleds, suspended rings, climbing rope), and other specialized equipment to prepare and challenge you to your full potential. Additionally, as needed, we use some off-site field trips to local parks, open space, and near-by outdoor destinations.

Sign-up to improve the following:


Avoid Injury and Improve Your Performance! Our camps focus on improving Pillar strength and stability. The pillar refers to the shoulders, torso, and hips and their interaction during leg and arm movement. A healthy and functional pillar will increase performance and decrease risk of injury in the athlete and lay-person alike.

Muscular endurance refers to the ability of a muscle or muscle group to perform over extended periods of time. The greater the endurance, the longer the duration of effective activity prior to the loss of strength, power, or performance.

Body composition, in simple terms, is used to describe the percentage of water, fat, bone, and muscle in the human body. As the % muscle mass increases and fat % decrease, the body becomes leaner. The simplest method to decrease fat mass and increase muscle mass is to increase strength. This camp does precisely that! 

A healthy lifestyle not only involves training your body, but includes fueling and resting it properly too.  We assist camp participants with nutrition and proper work/rest strategies from start to finish.

Its decision time! Otherwise known as crunch time!  Sign up before we run out of space and don’t miss out on the fun!  We’re bound to fill up soon!  We know you’re tempted but still unsure. Don’t be scared!  Make the process of every-day life easier!  This training camp applies to every one of you regardless of current fitness levels or age. No one will be asked to do anything their body is not ready for. All of our exercises and activities will be modified to challenge but not break you! 

Also remember that by signing up before January 10th, you get a complimentary 10 class punch card* to our regularly occurring group fitness classes.

*($80 value; to be used during the 6-week camp)


“I want to give a huge shout out Brad Paula at Well Being for getting me ready for my biggest race yet!! The 6-week training program along with extra training sessions every week really prepared me for my race. Thank you so much for helping me achieve this!! Can’t wait for the next one!!” (Becca Quenga, 2019)

“The Tough Mudder and Spartan training that Brad Paula instructed last year was a huge success and definitely prepared me beyond what I ever imagined! I am definitely looking forward to this year’s training and getting in even better shape than last year for the event.” (Patrick Hartman,2016)

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Obstacle Course Training
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Obstacle Course Training
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Obstacle Course Training
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Obstacle Course Training
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