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Winter Sports Conditioning Program

Winter Sports Conditioning Program


Tidal Wave: Reverse the effect of sitting & standing in a flexed position all day! Use our Water Rowers to activate your under-used posterior muscles and row your way to a healthy & balanced body. The rowing combined with a strength building circuit that uses free weights and resistance bands will aid in building muscle strength and endurance, and boost your metabolism.

Ageless Training: A self-paced full body workout for active older adults. Participants are challenged with body weight and resistance training exercises designed to increase strength, stability, and endurance. Lastly, we focus on improving balance through movement patterns and exercises that helps each participant gain a sense of independence and peace of mind.

Advanced Team Training: You don’t have to be an Athlete, to train like one! Our customers have expressed often that they perform better and more consistently when they feel they are part of a team. Our Advanced Teams classes offer an accountable, encouraging, and supportive environment aimed at getting the results you want.

This program is best for those individuals that have been training consistently, but want to improve upon their performance level. Participants experience power developing circuits that will leave them wanting more! Our work outs will challenge your muscular stamina and endurance while mixing in power and strength building “Super-sets”.

We use Full body compound exercises with or without resistance (ie: Battle Rope and Burpees respectively) and other proven methodology to load your neuromuscular system effectively and efficiently.

Body Recharge: A restorative class aimed to give your body a re-set and/or recharge. You will use foam rolling and trigger point balls as well as other methods to bring relief to chronic muscle and joint pain areas. We also explore corrective and developmental exercises (using partner stretching/PNF/yoga poses/Swiss Stability Ball, etc) to activate the “little muscles” and increase stabilization of the joints. This class helps prepare the body for everyday movement and exercise. As important, it benefits individuals making the transition from rehab to fitness.

TRX & Kettlebells: Every movement we perform in daily life is a whole body movement. This class will challenge the entire body in every plane of motion using suspension trainers and similar tools. Whether you seek perfection and performance on your mountain bike or skis or simply want to improve strength and stability when taking the stairs, this class will help.

So please call us now 775-546-3414, and let us discuss the most appropriate fitness class for you.

Avoid injury and extend your day on the slopes!
The training Camp starts October 15th until November 23rd and training days are:
Tuesday, Thursday: 5:30 pm and Saturday a 9 am.

Don’t “hope” that you will be stronger and/or more fit. PLAN to be!


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