Split The Pot Weight Loss Challenge

Welcome to Well Being’s “Split-the-Pot Weight Loss Challenge” program. It doesn’t require that you conform to a limited number of classes and or times. It is not over priced. It actually provides you an opportunity to make money! Up to Six of these challenges will occur per calendar year. Keep your eyes peeled and pounce on each opportunity as they are announced. Both existing clients and new customers to Well Being are invited.

Don’t be tied down by a boring training program. You can pick and choose from our wide variety of classes and programs. We feel that our programming provides all of the necessary components (nutritional guidance, resistance training and professional advice) for weight loss and a healthy and functional body. The great thing is that you, the participant, can pick and choose those classes most suited to your needs and schedule constraints. If you want, we can also assist you in choosing the classes and programming that will insure/improve your success.

What do you have to do?

  • Pay the “Buy-In” fee (only $25).
  • Set an appointment with us to establish the parameters that will be measured and evaluated at the start and finish of the six week period. These parameters include… weight, total push-ups, sit-ups and step-ups completed in separate 1 minute intervals.
  • Lastly, you need to participate in our classes and specialty training programs as desired and able.

All participants will be given a way to easily track progress and will have weekly coaching e-mails to help keep them on course. If you are new to Well Being, your buy in will include 3 free classes! If additional and specialized nutritional guidance is needed or desired, each and every participant can opt to pay a nominal fee for individualized nutrition guidance from our Precision Nutrition Coach. Lastly, purchase a class punch card during your weight loss challenge journey and receive a one-time 15% discount.

How do we determine the winner? That person with the greatest cumulative improvement (based on percent) between start and finish measurements, wins!!


Good luck!

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Split The Pot Weight Loss Challenge
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Split The Pot Weight Loss Challenge
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Split The Pot Weight Loss Challenge
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Split The Pot Weight Loss Challenge
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