Triathlon/Multi-event Training

Join our first Triathlon-Specific training camp! This program will include detailed training to enhance the participants’ fitness and readiness to compete in and/or just complete a triathlon (and other Multi-events). There will be dedicated swimming, cycling, and running sessions in addition to some circuit training aimed to improve strength and accentuate performance in the three primary disciplines.

Training will begin May 1, 2017 and continue through mid July. The training sessions will be spread over morning and noon time periods and include Saturday “field days” that combine longer cycling/running sessions and trips to nearby “elevation-training” sites. There will be three supervised sessions per week with the opportunity to participate in regularly scheduled group classes and/or the option to complete off-day work-outs on your own time. Upon signing up for the program, each participant will be scheduled for an assessment and informational session where they will also be presented with a nutrition guidance and off-day work-out packet.

Program Details for 2017 Triathlon Training:

  • Start date: MAY 2nd , 2017
  • 8 week training program
  • 24 sessions: Tuesday & Friday at 12 noon, Saturday at 7:30 am (flexible)
  • Only $14.54/session.
  • Small group personal training format; LOTS of feed-back & guidance
  • Private Facebook group page or e-mail group (to share Nutrition guidance and training support through-out the program)
  • Off day workouts
  • Discounted massage sessions offered during program
  • One free group workout/week during program (check our group fitness class schedule on-line for class availability & descriptions;)